SETAC 20th LCA Case Study Symposium

The Spray project will present a poster at SETAC 20th LCA Case Study Symposium which will be held 24-26 November 2014 in Novi Sad, Serbia. The theme of the symposium is: LCA in promoting eco-innovation and sustainability: education, research and application.

20th SETAC symposium

The symposium’s main purpose is to develop an intensive discussion on how LCA can contribute to innovation and enhance the (re)design of new and existing products and services by respecting eco-design principles. This will contribute to sustainable development through improved environmental performances. The discussion should comprise educational, research and industrial aspects. A special focus goes to identifying barriers and proposing solutions for improving the application of LCA in small and medium-sized enterprises, underlining the potential benefits.

Significant attention will go to the practical application of LCA in various industrial and energy sectors, with an emphasis on special and simplified methodological approaches, as well as on the situation and problems regarding LCA databases including the regional specificity.

The Spray project will contribute to the symposium presenting a poster with the title” How to select the relevant environmental impact categories in the setting of an LCA study? The example of the washing machine“.This poster describes how the selection of the relevant environmental impact categories and indicators was accomplished during the LCA study developed within the Spray project.

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