seeberSeeber is a German engineering company for development and design, consulting and documentation in the branches machinery and plant construction, automotive and consumer equipment.

Seeber has a consultant department for CE-conform safety of machines and an in-house technical college for CAD to guarantee the quality of the design orders.

The most important customers are Daimler AG Cars and Trucks, Bosch GmbH Automotive and Power Tools, DÜRR AG, Bauknecht GmbH, Automotive Lighting.

Seeber is currently already working with Bauknecht in designing and developing the Hardware and Software components of the SPRAY system, giving dedicated and competent expertise on specific critical activities.

Seeber will be involved, together with Whirlpool, in the finalization of all SPRAY technologies and components (HW and SW), and in the monitoring and assessment of the environmental indicators of the series production process

Contact: Thomas Fischer