pasellPasell is an Italian company working in the manufacturing sector.

The company main activity is the production of components, complying with ISO 9001 certification, in plastic, rubber, steel and concrete for white goods.

The company is able to produce rubber moulded and extruded components (bellow, tub), plastic moulded and extruded components (hoses, feet), concrete (counterweights) and steel (reinforcements).

From long time it promotes and performs R&D activity together with research centre and Italians and Europeans University.

Pasell has already worked on the optimization of its processes, developing and patenting novel technologies and methodologies to improve the resource efficiency and the environmental impacts of its products.

In the present project Pasell will participate, inter alia, in the development of rubber material according functional requirements and environmental requirements considering a energy and resource efficient production process ( e.g. hoses, bellow), providing efforts to experiment and tests innovative technologies/production techniques in order to obtain better resource efficiency (i.e. molding/de-molding of hoses and bellow, monitoring of environmental parameters and adjustments).

Contact: Salvatore Armitrano