The dissemination activities will aim to:

  • Ensure that the project results are known to the widest audience, beginning with the specific industrial reality to the research community and general public;
  • Ensure that the solution proposed will be recognized as a leading-edge technology in terms of environmental performances;
  • Encourage the related industry to adopt eco-innovative products and technologies;

The Consortium will organize two project’s events: a mid-term conference in Germany and a final SPRAY conference in Italy.

The intent will be to stimulate a wider audience, such as the scientific and public community, the Policy makers and especially the EU industrial stakeholders from different sectors of the manufacturing industry, in order to foster an increased awareness for more eco-innovative approaches by the SPRAY Project.

Main stakeholders will be invited to attend the events. A dedicated session will be devoted to present best practices in Eco-Innovation in the Home Appliance sector.

SPRAY results will be disseminated through the EACI or Executive agency for competitiveness and innovation common dissemination activities for all CIP Eco-innovation projects.